18K Fine Jewelry since 1974 Contact Us For nearly half a century, we have perfected the art of designing custom made & hand-crafting 18K jewelry pieces. PASSION IN DESIGN AND UNIQUENESS Contact Us We have been designing and crafting unique 18K Gold Jewelry since the 1970's but still keeps up with contemmporary designs. Highly Fashionable watches and a wide range of watch service by our trained watch technicians FASHIONABLE WATCHES & SERVICES Contact Us

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Welcome to Alexis Jewelry Inc.

Why 18K Jewelry?

18K gold is the most popular type of gold used to produce engagement rings, wedding bands and other high-end jewelry. It is the highest quality of gold purity that can be used for everyday wear.

Certified Precious Gems

Having our own gemologist means that we only deal with certified Gem Stones (by GIA) & work with all types from Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphire, Rubies and more.


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